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Zimmer, Inc.

ARAS® Retractor Instrumentation

Product Description

The ARAS Retractor provides a streamlined access solution that maximizes direct visualization in MIS procedures.


  • ARAS provides direct visualization that adapts to address anatomical challenges and surgeon preferences through a less invasive, muscle-splitting approach.
  • The ARAS Retractor split-tube design expands via smooth, self-locking rails to achieve the desired exposure.
  • Curved rails on the ARAS retractor provide greater distal exposure with a smaller incision while matching the lordosis of the lumbar spine.




The ARAS Retractor Instrumentation is intended to provide surgical access to the thoracic and lumbar spine from a posterior and posterior lateral approach.


  1. Infection – overt or active
  2. Fever
  3. Local inflammation


Misuse of the instrument may inhibit or prevent proper functioning and may cause injury to the patient or operator.

  • Do not use the instrument for any purpose for which it is not intended.
  • Ensure that the instrument is clean and sterile prior to use.
  • If damaged do not reuse; replace.
  • Instruments designated for single use only must not be reused and must be properly disposed of.