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Zimmer, Inc.

Trabecular Metal™ Technology

The Best Thing Next to Bone™

Trabecular Metal™ Technology is an advanced fixation surface designed for orthopedic and dental implants.  With a high coefficient of friction (0.98), it provides excellent initial scratch fit.1 Unlike coatings and other surfaces, Trabecular Metal Material has up to 80% porosity, enhancing the potential for bone ingrowth and soft tissue vascularization.2

With its nano-textured struct architecture, Trabecular Metal material is similar to cancellous bone in structure, function, and physiology.1


  • Up to 80% porosity1
  • Consistent pore size and 100% interconnecting pores facilitate biologic ingrowth2
  • The combination of strength and elasticity of elemental tantalum3


  • High coefficient of friction for enhanced stability1
  • Low modulus of elasticity similar to cancellous bone for more normal physiological loading which has the potential to reduce stress shielding4


  • Elemental tantalum is chemically stable and biologically inert3
  • Structure supports bone integration, bone remodeling, and vascularization5
  • Nano-textured surface structure1

Trabecular Metal Material is in widespread use throughout Zimmer's product portfolio, including hip, knee, and shoulder implants; trauma applications; spine implants; bone void fillers and augments; AVN screws and dental implants.

Trabecular Metal™ Material is made of elemental tantalum (atomic number 73), one of the most chemically stable and biologically inert metals used in orthopaedic implants, making it highly biocompatible and corrosion-resistant.  Tantalum is the ideal material for this ingrowth structure, becuase it has high fatigue strength and a compressive modulus that al